Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bureaucracy and Social Medicine, A VILE MIXTURE

so, Ryan has had the very bad manners to live longer than the social support system would allow. The night staff has been removed. Reason...it costs to have a nurse stay with him at night. He has over "lived" his 6 months and now the bureaucracy wants to eliminate him from homecare and place him in a longterm care facility.
now I'm to care for him all day and all night as well. Let's pray to God that I can keep up my strength.
At the end of the day it always boils down to money. 
Q How much is your life worth?
A How much insurance do you have?
This means of course that I now sleep on the couch in the room where Ryan sleeps.

Is it too much for me to want him to live out his last weeks at home, letting him pass away in the bosom of his family. To keep him out of an institution?
apparently, YES

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  1. I am hoping things work out for Ryan staying at home with you. It seems that for the powers-that-be, humanity is low on their priory list. May you and Ryan find peace as you process through this... Know that there are people out here supporting you.