Saturday, October 30, 2010

Another slide down the slippery slope

 Thursday evening, Ryan was running a temperature, later the next morning he was too feeble to walk or talk. The day nurse wanted to prepare me for the eventual conclusion of this newest turn down with Ryan's health. 
For the umpteenth time I gathered my courage and did what needed to be done.  Back to the hospital for more tests only this time....., this time no blood work, no needles. just an xray to determine ~pneumonia. new medication, but with the knowledge that these drugs will do what they are intended to do. 
The fever is lessened. He's making sense again.he seems not able to walk without assistance and is not eating very well. he sleeps 23 hours a day. I thank God for the strength to go the distance.


  1. Hey, Linda! I just had a chance to hop over to my blog and read your comment. Wow! You are an amazing mom! Ryan has just touched my heart in such a way. I shared his sotry with my two boys a minute ago.We will be praying for y'all--to have His comfort, peace, and wisdom each hour, each day. Sending you a cyberspace hug, my friend!
    Sweet Blessings,

  2. My prayers are with you and Ryan, Linda.

    I was finally able to read your older posts and discover why Ryan is sick. It really stuck a chord when I read the drugs Ryan took to control other conditions had finally attacked his liver. I lost my closest friend a year and a half ago to the long term side effects of prednisone, the drug she used to control her asthma. A and I indulged in "gallows humor" about the drug for years, neither of us realizing the "sword" that kept her breathing was already destroying her immune system.

    Hugs to you and Ryan, Linda. I'm praying God will bring something good out of your suffering.