Tuesday, November 9, 2010

answer me this

Ryan should be dead by now , yet remains happy and able to get about.
There have been no more anti rejection meds since July. No meds for epilepsy. Many a time he has knocked at death's door and through some miracle has bounced back again.
Now he takes no meds for anti rejection, therefore according to all medical knowledge, the body should have rejected the liver a long time ago. No such thing has yet to occur. 
Last week he contacted pneumonia. It should have killed him as he is supposed not to have an immune system. For, if he did have an immune system it would have attacked the liver long before now. a few antibiotics and he's fought off the pneumonia! this is not what supposed to happen.
  it's so true, when God wants you, nothing can stop him. If God doesn't want you,then you stay put.

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  1. Linda,

    I've prayed for you and Ryan. Modern medicine can not explain the mysteries of why God does what He does and when He does it. I recently heard of a young girl whose body actually changed blood types to that of her organ's donor, so she no longer needs anti-rejection drugs and leads a normal life. May it be so or even better with your precious Ryan.

    M.E. :)